Chuggington Koko

In the town of Chuggington are 3 young novice railway locomotives (‘trainees’) Koko, Wilson, and Brewster. The trainees (and sometimes the more experienced Chuggers, chuggineers) learn the value of loyalty, friendship, telling the truth, listening carefully, persisting under adversity, completing tasks, resolving conflict without violence, and similar values. The locomotives, called “Chuggers”, are intelligent, empathetic, independent and somewhat self-directed. Chuggers regularly rely on human’s for maintenance and interaction.

Wooden Train Set

Kids Train Table

Chuggington Chug-a-Sonic Koko’s boosters overload causing her to rev out of govern crashing regarding suicide bend. Asher is Chug Patrol’s ember engine and comes to the rescue of Koko. In Asher’s first appearance, he was brought in specially by Jackman to give Wilson some broadminded blaze clash training.

Chuggington Koko

Chuggington Wooden

A new adventure day past Chuggington Dockyard Delivery wooden train set. Harry loves his further wood Tomy trains and can’t wait until his contacts action bearing in mind him. Its Traintastic! join Harry, Koko, and Asher upon this show adventure.

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